Glamour Magazine of America came to Shanti Bhavan to make a short Youtube of Keerthi, one of our 8th Graders.

Last year she told me that she works alongside her mother every school holidays so that they can afford her extra food. Her single Mum earns about US$3 per week breaking rocks in the sun all day to make gravel for roads. She told me that they break the big rocks up by fire – then her Mum burns her hands and legs in the hot ash because she can’t afford to wait until it cools down. Whenever I see piles of irregular-shaped, hand-cut gravel at Indian roadworks, I think that could have been made by Keerthi’s Mum.


Keerthi is just one of the many gorgeous boys and girls that I had the pleasure of teaching this year. Here is a pic of Keerthi (in black kurta) with my 8th Graders.

SB8thGrade 2016_sml